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Our urgent care center is a quality alternative to the hospital emergency room when your pediatrician is closed or unavailable. We treat patients from infancy to 18 years of age no matter how small the concern. Just Walk-in to Get+Well Urgent Care in Clifton to get your kids seen, get them stable and get them back home – typically with much shorter wait times and lower copays than the hospital emergency room. We also accept all insurances. Get+Well Urgent Care works with your primary care pediatrician. All diagnoses, treatment details and follow-up plans are sent directly to your child’s pediatrician the next business day so he or she can continue your child’s care.

  • Type of Conditions
  • Types of Injuries
  • Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Health Screening
Type of Conditions

Chest pain
Abdominal pain
Difficulty breathing
Shortness of breath
Sudden dizziness
Sudden weakness
Sudden loss of coordination
Sudden loss of balance
Sudden blurred vision
Numbness in the face, arm or leg
Sudden, severe headache
Cuts or bleeding

Types of Injuries

Bites and stings
Corneal abrasions
Crush injuries
Foreign body ingestion/removal
Car or motorcycle accident injuries
Bicycle injuries
Slip and fall injuries
Minor cuts or scrapes
Neck and back pain
Puncture wounds
Splinter removals
Wound infections


Acute Care
Employer Services
DOT Physicals
Lab Work
Pain Management
Physical Examinations
Automobile Accident Exams
Pediatric Exams
Pre-Op Exams
Pre-Employment Physical Exams
Sports Physicals
Flu Shots
IV Fluids
Travel Medicine
Women’s Health Services

Emergency Services

Lacerations / Surgical Procedures
Accident Injuries
Minor injuries
Strep throat
Flu and sore throat
Coughs and colds
Minor infections
Worker’s Compensation Injuries
Accidents and falls
Sprains and strains
Back problems
Breathing difficulties (i.e. mild to moderate asthma)
Bleeding/cuts — requiring stitches
Diagnostic services, including X-rays and laboratory tests
Eye irritation and redness
Fever or flu
Vomiting, diarrhea or dehydration
Severe sore throat or cough
Minor broken bones and fractures
Skin rashes and infections
Urinary tract infections

Health Screening

Complete Blood Analysis
Audiometric and Visual Testing
Pulmonary Function Testing
Cholesterol Screening
Echocardiogram / Heart Evaluation
EMG (Eletromyography)

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